Into m4/3rds "one more time". Recommendations needed.

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Re: Into m4/3rds "one more time". Recommendations needed.

I must admit, I have a problem with "semi-pro" cameras without a viewfinderlike the GX1.

1- Unless you are under 40 years old, focusing on a small screen 12" from your face while looking at the "live" scene at the same time is an eye sore...

2- holding any camera at arms lenght - IBIS, Mega OIS or other gadgets notwithstanding - is no way to get a sharp and precise shot with anything more than a 75mm (150mm equivalent) lens.

3- If you want more than point-and-shoot performance, you need a viewfinder to stabilize the picture, wether it's an optical one or an EVF.

4- If you want to buy the optional LVF2 Electronic Viewfinder, you'll find yourself with an hawkward, more expensive and more fragile version of a used G3 or GH2 with very little real-life quality advantages - at this point, better buy a GH3 and be done with it (but $$$).

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