which camera? Sony nex 7/lenses, Sony a57 and nex 5n or m43?

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Re: which camera? Sony nex 7/lenses, Sony a57 and nex 5n or m43?

dandydon44 wrote:

I've been wondering which camera to get for a while now and I just can't make a decision so wanted to find out from people with hands on experience.

I have around £1000 to spend, im not sure how much dollars that is but the price of cameras is different all over anyway.

I like the idea of a smaller camera like the nex 7 with built in viewfinder as im going to start hiking and that would be perfect. Then comes the thought of qanting to get into bird photography in future and im not sure about lens selection/manual focus/autofocus speed of the nex 7 and thats where the sony a57 comes in. It has longer lenses available and autofocus is faster than on the nex so i hear? They both have great reviews but the nex 7 is more expensive.

I like landscape photography and taking possible portraits of my girlfriend/family and want to get into bird photography at some point in the future too, its something that appeals to me.

My options (im thinking about) are

Sony nex 7 + kit lens + 50mm 1.8 OSS + 16mm and tripod etc then save up for a longer lens.

I have the NEX7, 50mm, & 18-200 and love it.

Sony alpha a57 + 35mm 1.8 SAM + sony nex 5n + kit lens and 16mm.

Thinking about it, this seems like a good option - there are times when I would like to have really fast AF like the Alphas have - this seems like a good way to get that.

Or a panasonic gh2 (not much smaller than an a57 but same price) + kit lens and another few m43 lenses such as Olympus 40-150 Or Pl25 1.4. Or the gx1 plus lenses.

No, the Oly 40-150 is poor at best (my own internal filter wouldn't let me say what I really think of this lens)

These kits all come to roughly my budget.

I am posting hoping to have ideas from people who have gone from SLR/SLT to mirrorless such as the nex 7/5n or micro four thirds who have maybe done birding in the past with dslr and moved to mirrorless?

But for birding, I'd get an A65/A57 and a long lens e.g. 70-400G

Thanks for your help and you can maybe help me make a decsion!

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