Comments on Steve's TG-1 review?

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Re: Comments on Steve's TG-1 review?

BorisK1 wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Any comments on Steve's TG-1 iHS review? Looks like firmware improvement could make this a really excellent camera. (First two Cons, purple fringing and barrel distortion, can be fixed in firmware.)

Thanks for the link! IMHO, the review is somewhat lightweight - most of it could've been written based on the spec sheet.

Personally, I like the camera a lot. It would be nice to have a couple of things changed in firmware (like fixing the dreaded clicking noise in movies, perhaps an ability to shut off the ND filter, maybe an easier way to adjust settings in custom modes) - but overall, it's been a pleasure to use.

I like the camera a lot, too. I recently put mine through a 2 week road trip vacation (about 800 pictures and videos) and it handled a lot of different situations very well, especially indoor shots with no flash (a requirement at a museum). The video gave me no problems (no clicking). The colors are rich and accurate. The focus is very fast and gives no problems in low light, which is a huge improvement over my older Tough. I love the GPS feature. Once I calibrated the manometer (altitude) against my Garmin GPS, it gave readings very similar to the Garmin. We were going up and down in altitude a lot, so I got to check it against the Garmin repeatedly. The mapping was also accurate. The battery charge also lasts a long time. I never had it run out on me, though I did charge it every night. I also brought my E-PL1 on the trip, but I grew to trust the TG-1 enough to leave the E-PL1 behind when I had to go hiking and didn't want to carry my bag and lenses with me. Pixel-peeping-wise, the TG-1 does tend to smear detail and have purple fringing and the E-PL1 does yield better detail, but on comparison at normal photo sizes you don't get the sense that the TG-1 pictures are significantly inferior. It would be nice to be able to tone down the smearing, though.

I did accidentally drop it (it slipped out of my camera pouch) onto a concrete walkway and it got dinged up on the plastic corners and the back of the GPS--which was highly annoying to have happen to a 3-week old camera--but it still functions just fine. I haven't tested the water proof qualities yet.

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