Exciting new capability from Sigma

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Re: Exciting new capability from Sigma

ahiggins333 wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

One note though, why do Nikon and Canon lens never need firmware updates? Is it solely a comparability issue body to next gen body?

From what I've read from other posts I believe the electronic interface between the body and lens are proprietary and 3rd party manufacturers like Sigma have reverse engineered them to allow things like AF to work. New bodies make work differently and require the 3rd party to issue new firmware to make things work again, such as when the D7000 was released and Live View focusing didn't work for some Sigma lenses.

Or for example that non of the Sigma lenses with OS works with the FT-1 adapter on the nikon 1 series. Bummer, i have both the 70-200 OS and the 50-500 OS and non of them works on my J1 thanks to incompatibility.

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