Eyepiece shutter for Canon PLEASE

Started Apr 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tazz93 Senior Member • Posts: 1,779
Sounds trivial but...

This is one of the reasons holding me back from buying a new body these days. In my workflow its a huge factor and I hate the rubber covers that come with the lesser bodies. They are a pain to use, on and off with the cover and eye piece. Maybe I'm spolied on the 1D body I have, but this is merely a hobby for me and ante'ing up for a 1DX seems silly & going backwards to the older bodies like 1DMK4 and 1DSMK3 have a couple of disadvantages (especially when spending $3000 - $4000+). So I'm stuck making compromises on something that should be a given at that price point. Granted its not the only reason holding me back, but when you notch up enough little things it becomes harder and harder to settle.

Rant over.

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