Expected Aperture at tele 500mm+ range for SX50??

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Re: Expected Aperture at tele 500mm+ range for SX50??

It's a good question as the slow lens can be the biggest shocker for these long zooms. I often think the aperture closing points should be published like other official specs so buyers would know.

By comparison, the 24X SX10/20 (my zoomer) works like this, as compared with an old 12X S5 (I still love) at 35mm equiv:

Focal S5is SX10is
28mm n/a f/2.7
35mm f/2.7 f/3.2
40mm f/2.8 f/3.2
50mm f/3.2 f/3.5
70mm f/3.2 f/4.0
80mm f/3.5 f/4.0
100mm f/3.5 f/4.5
180mm f/3.5 f/5.0
432mm f/3.5 f/5.0
480mm n/a f/5.7
560mm n/a f/5.7

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