The 4/3 tele advantage myth

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Case in point....

This bird was in a challenging location. The bird appeared next to me and I had to swing the rig around quickly to get the shot.

There is no way I could have positioned a tripod in time or hand-held a 600mm to get the shot. These birds never stay still!

A 300mm on a 7D will not give me the same reach - I'd have to move in closer - many birds will not let you get close.

I don't know where u r getting information from, but I can tell you the Zuiko 300mm is sharper - especially at the edges wide open than the canons. This is a fact - go recheck your reviews/tests. The squarer aspect ratio is a factor here too.

One thing you can't argue about is the extra depth-of-field - however you want to measure it. I would have to stop down to 5.6 at least to get the same DOF for this shot - which still wasn't enough. (lens wide open 2.8 but with loss of 1 stop with EC1.4.)

Can I ask if you've honestly had experience with any of this equipment in the field with this kind of scenario?

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