Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

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Re: Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

The 4900 is a dramatically different proposition, though. Tough switch to make.

I agree this is a fundamental design issue and am amazed it hasn't received more attention. Moreso when Epson feeds the BS excuses about 3rd party paper - should be irrelevant, although a moot point as it affects Epson papers as well. At least glossy - don't think matte has the issue.

I think this is something that be easily addressed with a set of replacement "spur housings" that changed...

1) Spring pressure on the spurs
2) Edges of the spurs - round off the points

And while not ideal, the previously recommended solution of running the paper through the front feed (with a scrap framing matte or poster board underneath) does work. Except doesn't fit wider than 16” in which case might as well get a f'g SP R3000.

Anyone have a lead on where replacement parts can purchased? Would experiment onthe springs but not with the original.

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