Canon 6D specs & features - I wish they were kidding

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Re: Get real

ak1999 wrote:

kjbkix wrote:

How do you know it has a better AF-system?

It depends on how you define better AF-system.

The D600 do have more AF points and cross-point ones so it is more likely be better for action where there is less chance for the object to be between focus points.

Also D600 has 2000 pixels metering that is used for 3D color metering which helps on selecting right focus point during AF tracking.

To bad the 3D metering only works in auto mode

Also, if you're getting a FF camera, buy a freakin speedlite to go along with it. Popup flash looks amateurish every time and if you're going to take that picture, just use your phone.

Look has nothing to do with result. There are some situations where using a pop-up flash as opposed to none can yield better results.

Also flash can be used as flash commander where you can fiire another flash from another direction to create a more dramatic effect.

Cameras are just tools and it is up to a photographer to use them to his/her advantage.

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