Canon 6D specs & features - I wish they were kidding

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Re: Canon 6D specs & features - I wish they were kidding

Osiris30 wrote:

While I understand your desire for a built in flash, I'm going to be totally honest. At the IQ level of a full frame camera, a built in flash is so limited it's not worth having. Direct flash is awful and built in flashes are nearly useless for fill in any kind of reasonable light.

Ya know,I never thought of that? GOOD POINT!!! Thanks for the tip

Get a speedlight 270 or something for when you need the flash. It's cheap (much cheaper than full frame alone cost just a few years ago). I guess the analogy I would make (since we're stuck on cars here) is that a built-in flash is like a convertible roof on a Bugatti. Yes, there may be times when you're going to use it, but it's really not worth it 99.99% of the time.

hemiola wrote:


I don't think I made myself clear enough, so I will make one last attempt.

Even I would shut up and pay the price if at least they bothered to (finally) add a built-in flash. Wishing for a built-in flash in a 2000$ camera is not the same as asking for a Bentley for the price of a Toyota. It's the same as buying a 500$ handset that can't send text messages. I don't think I'm asking for THAT MUCH (but again, it's only my opinion).

I know previous xD models didn't have it either but I was hoping they will add one, since more and more equivalent models from competitors do have one. In turn, Canon saw it fit to introduce such must have features like GPS and wifi... hence the frustration.

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