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Re: You spent WAY too much time. . .

happysnapper64 wrote:

Re Dyanuzz. My apologies, I sent my post before I saw yours about your prior experience with cameras. You are far more "time served" than I am. Advice about used models like 550D still stands if you like how it feels in your hands. Again apologies if I sounded patronising.
lee uk.
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No problem, in hindsight i probably should have added my second post to the first but i cant seem to edit & i didn't want to make a too bulky post. thanks for the advice on the 550d, i'm sure it's a great camera ( and the closest rival to d5100?). i'm not even sure why i choose nikon over canon.. hmm. does canon entry level bodies require lenses with own af, too? if not, this could shave some of the cost off lenses

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