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Re: You spent WAY too much time. . .


thanks for the kick in the butt, i do totally agree with me having spend to long.

I didn't include anything about what i shoot because i thought it would be largely irrelevant seeing as the post is 50/50 rant and the other half looking for advice on a lens.

FYI, it's not about what i want to shoot, it's what i do shoot. I have been photographing the last 10 years, always with brigde/superzooms, but have lately decided to take it a step further. I do:

  • macro

  • video

  • indoor and night (moon/star) photography

  • dogs, cats, moving

  • situational

  • walkarounds

  • birding

  • landscapes

  • portraits

  • architechture.

But most of all, indoor shoots in low light of friends etc. I realize i cannot do all of this in just a couple of lenses so i've prioritized it down to two, for now, based on a general purpose that would allow me to do most, and a fast lens for indoor/shallow dof.

My main problem with my previous cameras was blurring caused by too long shutterspeeds, therefore i figured optical stabilization was a must. I have tried and tested it, and i do love it

I'm not worried about which camera to choose, i'm sure any out there would fit my needs more than enough. It's all about lenses.

edit: this post should btw not have been in open talk, but beginners questions.

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