OM-D and FL-14... am I missing something?

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Re: OM-D and FL-14... am I missing something?

azazel1024 wrote:

Make sure the flash is fully seated. Give it a good push. If it is only partially seated only the main contact and the side grounds will connect and that forces the flash to fire at full output (and occasionally missfire). The small communication contacts will only engage if the flash is fully seated.

I still manage to do that with my OM-D E-M5 and Fl300r flash occasionally.

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Thanks for the input but this isn't the case. The flash is fully seated. I have no misfires, either. THe one thing I can't accomplish is gaining manual control over the flash light output.

When I use the OM-D's clip on flash, I can gain manual control of it trough the SCP, but with the FL-14 I can't seem to do that, no matter what mode I set on the flash itself. (manual / auto / TTL)

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