Prices on used M9 cameras?

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Re: Prices on used M9 cameras?

I think most of those who answered above are wrong. The basic question to answer is who amongst those who own a Leica and are amongst those who wish to continue to own a Leica are going to purchase the new models...which are heavier, have nothing dramatic with which to encourage their purchase and nothing significant to encourage the sale of their present M9...other than it's something new.

In this economy, with so much invested in what we have in our M9's...I don't see any reason to sell my M9, nor any reason to purchase a new Leica. I can continue to use mine for the foreseeable future...and, I think other M9 owners whom I have spoken to, feel pretty much the same as I do...

Why trade in or sell what works a dream? And, get less for what the M9 is worth and pay more for the new M, than it's worth.

Thus, it's my opinion most M9 owners are going to stay with what they have for a longer period of time and the price of the M9's will pretty much hold as they are now.

Indeed, there will always be the few who do sell. But, amongst those waiting to snatch a bargain, I think those M9's that are sold, will be few and far between.

There just is no reason to part with what already works, satisfies it's owner and user - not today, not tomorrow. Perhaps, next year or the year after...that's another storey, but in the forseeable future those who are waiting to grab an under four thousand USD M9...I believe, you're going to be disappointed.

Much like those who waited and waited and were disappointed when they found they were on a terribly long wait for their M9.

The available numbers are going to be so few...that the price will by sheer rareity will maintain itself...higher than as those above seem to believe it will quickly fall to...

With my respect,


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