Panorama thread: nr. 56 *large files*

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Re: Packery Channel Park Beach, Corpus Christi, Texas

-Hopefully my colorcast problem was due to WB and it will be taken care of next time.

-I didn't know to meter for the brightest part of the scene, but it looks like I got it right on this one.

-Unfortunately I have Photoshop Elements 6 and can't find a substitue function for Warp. I tried straightening the horizon in hugin but this caused other problems that even changing control points would not correct. It might be time to upgrade my Photoshop.

-Didn't know about needing to "allow users to be able to view Original" in DPR settings. Always wondered why some panos could only be viewed small on DPR.

Thanks to everyone for the great information and inspiration.

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