How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

RP McMurphy wrote:

A few of these 'polls' now and it seems few are regretting having the 36mp

My God - How many people without 36mp come on here and tell us 36mp is too much and not necessary?

Actually, there is NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON here responding to this poll that purchased the D800 and returned it for any reason, much less because the resolution was too high. Now there have been a number of people who have returned the camera, but it has generally been for other reasons.

If the OP is in this situation, then he is rather unique. Did he open his D800 box up and then just suddenly realize, "oh wow, I bought a 36 mp camera!"?

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