Thinktank Retrospective VS Lowepro Pro Messenger bag

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Re: Thinktank Retrospective VS Lowepro Pro Messenger bag

I own multiple copies of all TT & LP Bags. Used over many years. I have tried the new LP 200 for a few weeks now. Have used the Retro 30 for years. It is the only Retro Bag that I found usuable till the new Retro 7's which I have in the field testing.

Always felt the Retros dangerous as equipment has flown out on me many times and the lack of a solid latch was a contributing factor. Plus, too soft and perhaps unpadded. But always loved the shoulder strap - thinking it the best in the business. And I have always loved the feel of the 30 series Pinestones.

The LP 200 strap is not quite as good, but is very close. But the exterior is more rugged. It has prevented busted filters and equipment where the Retros have not. If bumps are anticpated this could be the deal maker. And equipment is much less likey to fly out of the bag.

On the downside the interior is not very good to set up equipment. Floppy dividers. Perhaps even worse than Think Tank's, which are also almost useless under stress. Note: think Tank has fixed this long time problem with stiffer dividers and the jury is still out on if an applicable benefit. But it is clearly more user friendly than the LP.

If it were me, and it is on any given day when the choice is between these two, i I reach for the Retero 30 when know not gonna be bumped and the LP 200 Mess when known or unknown dangers lurk.

As for Stealth - don't foolish or naive. All the bags are known for what they are. I even had an attempted jacking at my office with my beat UD 50. He got caught and admitted it is clearly known that those are camera bags ( as are all ).

Of course being stealthly helps, maybe even alot, but...if the bag is seen at all, it is a target.

And at an classical music event the securty guard recognized my Retro as a camera bag - dropped everything in my coat and pants and got the shots when the other guys with thier Retros and Domkes had thier equipment checked.

Otherwise, my decisions of late are based more on the overall factors of each company. Used LP alone for years. But the quality and quality control has gotten very modern corporate - it sucks. And thier attitude is even worse. Narcissitc, degrading and in fact, requiring some effort to even secure such behavoir. I called them for 6 months and never got a person or reply

Whilst Think Tank's attitude and even when I do detect a bit of business fatigue, which is very rare, has been steallar. I call them on the phone. They pick up. Problem stated. Parts in the mail. Even if I know they don't want to do it! they do it anyway. Evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of customer committment and support rather than LPs customer preying. The signs of a winner and a great business too.

So have gravitated to TT for those reasons more lately, despite some designs from LP that are clearly superior to any from TT. In fact, the LP Classifed 160 or 200 AWs are the perfect bags - Lighter, stronger, more manevarble than TT. And the Stealth Reporter probably the most usefull bag on the market. - Good luck getting parts for them! Or perhaps getting them at all!

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