Where are the weather sealed lenses? (E-M5)

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Re: Where are the weather sealed lenses? (E-M5)

The only Canoe tip protection is be fast and hold the camera over your head and hope the water is shallow enough or you don't submerge too far.

That or store your camera in a water proof bag and hope it is in the bag when the canoe tips.

I've been wanting to do a photographic/backpacking canoe trip for awhile now...but I am dunk shy. A water proof bag would help with that.

Though, I doubt I'll have the time for a couple more years as my kids are 4 1/2, 2 1/2 and 1/2. So, not a lot of spare time.

Personally I want/rely on the splash proofing only to the extent of accidents. With kids and their friends of the age mine are, crap happens. I've had a playmate throw a handful of dirt right in my face/camera while taking pictures (dust proof, CHECK! Thankfully I was using an IF lens), been splashed at the pool (when NOT in the water. Splash proof, CHECK!) and a number of other such incidents in just the short 5 months I have owned the camera.

A weather proofed prime or zoom (medium fast) in the roughly 14-25mm range would be ncie though both for times when such things might occur (and I plan ahead) or for actually using in light rain or snow. It would make me a lot less shy about taking my camera out in anything less then good weather.

ThomCull wrote:

I was never fond of the idea of adaptors, however I may just have to do that. It's not that I am often soaked on my trip, in fact very rarely, however there are often times when I do tip a canoe, or murphy's law comes swinging into action and I would appreciate having the added protection of weather sealing.

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