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Re: LCD protector (one more thing)...

Some more add'l info on these types of screen protectors. The way these protectors attach to your LCD is different than other types. The real cheap protectors out there "stick" on the LCD and peel off quite easily when you need to replace them. The cheap ones also don't last very long, and aren't very scratch resistant at all. The Zagg and XtremeGuard ones, on the other hand, attach quite securely. They are applied by getting the back (attachment side) of the protector slightly wet with a mixture of a very small amount of dish detergent mixed in a bowl of water, shaking off the excess water, applying it to the LCD, and then using the supplied small squeegee to push out any air bubbles. The protector then is allowed to dry over the next few hours, after which time the rest of the tiny air bubbles should disappear, and the protector "dries" quite securely to the LCD screen. In the event you ever want to remove the protector you can peel it off (though it takes a little effort). For instance, I had one on an old Ipod Classic with Video. It was on since 2005 and some imperfections had appeared over time. So, I decided to remove the protector and put on a new one. The old one peeled off with a little effort, the screen underneath was in pristine condition because of the excellent protection it had afforded it over the years, and I then simply put on a new one. To sum up, the XtremeGuard protector is more of a long-term solution, stays securely on the LCD, and offers excellent protection against scratches, etc.

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