V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

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Re: Obsolete

Look what we have now since Nikon 1 was available. We have the Sony RX100, Fuji X-E1, XF-1, Canon S110, Panasonic LX7, Olympus XZ-2, all more of less offering what Nikon 1 could offer (and maybe a bit more in some areas).

What do the XF1, S110, LX7, or XZ-2 offer that the V1 doesn't? Much smaller sensors? No EVF? Slow autofocus? Higher prices?

The RX100 is 70% more expensive than the V1 yet lacks PD autofocus and an EVF, although it does have a more advanced sensor.

And the X-E1, really? That camera costs $1,020 more than the V1 if you buy it with a lens. If a thousand dollars difference is no big deal, you might as well buy a 6D, which is "only" a thousand more than the X-E1.

I'm not saying the V1 wasn't overpriced at $899. I always thought it was, even though I found many aspects of its feature set to be desirable.

But at $379, I don't really see anything that comes close.

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