Fisheye : Samyang vs ZD

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Re: Fisheye : Samyang vs ZD

Finally, I add the opportunity to buy a second hand ZD 8mm for 350 €.

I did a quick test with my E-620 on a tripod. IS off. Self-timer 2 s. Mirror lock-up 1s. 200 ISO. A mode. jpeg out of the box. CROP 100 % slightly right of the center of the picture (black screen).

Olympus ZD 8 mm (autofocus using LiveView/CDAF and switch to MF before release):


Similar results with smaller apertures.

Samyang 8 mm (I first tried to do the focus using LiveView with x10 but I was not able to determine the right position due to blur. Then I measured the distance from lens to subject and used the focus scale on the lens).




So, there is a strong difference between my ZD and my Samyang. I still don't know if the poor quality of the Samyang is specific to my sample. But for sure, it was already present when I received it brand new.

Also note that the scale is not identical between the two lenses in the center with a difference of 4 %.

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