5D3 vs 5D2: Focus accuracy with 50/1.2

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Re: 5D3 vs 5D2: Focus accuracy with 50/1.2

PunkRock wrote:

I'm by no mean's a professional but the lady on the right isn't as in focus as the 2 people on the left and centre?
I am interested in any tips for group shots such as this....

For group shots with a small depth of field, the key is to make sure everyone's face is the same distance from the focal plane. Assuming the OP's camera was 5ft way from the person in the center of the photo, if the three subjects are in a straight line, the people on either side of the center subject are actually slightly further way from the camera then the person in the center. It's only a matter of inches but that's all it takes. On a full-frame camera, shooting 50mm at f/1.2 with a subject that is 5ft away, the depth of field is only 3 inches or so. You solve this by having the people on the outside be a few inches closer than the person in the middle (they should form a slight arc, not a straight line). Or just stop down the lens.

Make sense?

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