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Re: LCD protector...

Here's my two cents regarding protecting the LCD screens on my various electronics. I have used Zagg and XtremeGuard LCD protectors for several years and have found them to be extremely durable and scratch resistant. Apparently they use a clear "skin" that is of the same material that protects military helicopter blades. Anyway, I have found that buying an XtremeGuard protector on Ebay that will fit a smart phone, like the Galaxy S III, and then cutting it down to size for the LCD I'm looking to apply it to works really well, and it quite affordable. For instance, I just searched Ebay for XtremeGuard and came up with one for the Galaxy S III for $1.99 including shipping. Can't beat that price. The last one I bought was for an Iphone and then cut to fit on my SD14's two LCD's.
Hope that helps.

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