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I've now spent the last 1-2 months researching for a new camera.
I think im going to vomit if im reading another camera/lense review

It's very hard to start in this area, knowing next to nothing about lense qualities and brands (besides obv. math like aperture, focals etc.)

I've somewhat decided to opt for an dslr, but it's difficult seeing as i shoot so many different things. The problem is of course, i am not rich. After having borrowed a canon 450 with 18-55 + 70-300 lenses and playing around for a month, i've decided my range of lenses would ideally be:

  • prime 35mm (on aps-c) 1.8f seeing as 1.4 cost 2 arms and a leg for some reason

  • walk-around / something to cover everything else (this is the turning point)

it was nice having the large telephoto on the 70-300, but i felt handicapped at low lights seeing as none of them offered OS / fast aperture.

i plan on spending 50/50 on camera and lenses, but i'm beginning to wonder whether this even is a good idea. looking at lenses, the ones recieving good reviews usually cost at least 2 times the camera price, and this only covers a specific category of photography.

the walkaround lens should ideally cover wide end (minimum 20) to midtelephoto. i would love having 18-200 but this seems expensive. does anybody know a great candidate here? will need OS unless i settle for a sony house. bear in mind my budget (capped at 400$ for this lens). Mount doesn't necessarily matter, im probably going to buy nikon d3100/d5100, but i wont mind shifting to another system if there happens to be a great, cheap alternative.

should i wait until i win in a lottery? im going to study the next few years so it's unlikely i will have cash on my hand to buy better/more lenses.

also, why doesn't canon/nikon make cameras with in-house stabilization? it seems counterintuitive to shell out lots of money for fast lenses for indoor photography, when sensorshifting can greatly help shutterspeeds on primes. have been considering sony a37 just for this, but hate to skip the ovf.

Nikon D3100 Sony SLT-A37
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