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Re: one detail about direct link

joey_B wrote:

dmartin92 wrote:

joey_B wrote:

if the pc's both have an ethernet connection, hook them up directly (and manually set up the IP-adresses) of trough a wired router

In the case of a direct link, not through a router, just pc-to-pc, one needs to use a "crossover cable".

No one doesn't, a normal Ethernet cable will suffice. Problem only is that there is no DHCP server to assign adresses, so you would have to do so yourself.

IF both ends are gigabit, the crossover cabling is unnecessary. They removed that concern as part of the design. And if this is the case, then it's extremely difficult for any USB2 solution to come close since, as pointed out, you have to do both the save and the copy at a speed in the 20-30MB/s range, giving an effective speed of 10-15. When you get down to 10, even 100mbit speed is on par and still more convenient as you can do partial copies and subsequent differential copies.

If both of the machines are 100mbit only, then the back ports in the typical cable/dsl router would work as the go between.

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