D7K plus 24-70, --OR-- D600 plus 50 1.8G

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rule number one

don't waste your money on bodies, they come and go, their value drop very quickly.If you want fx, go for a used one, don't be such a geek, like most here, who buy a D600 and pair it it with a poor lens because they don't have money to buy good lens. You have the 70-200, now go for the 24-70. Later on, you may pick a D600 at a more decent price.

fredal wrote:

Hi guys. Just seeking your thoughts/comments. I've recently sold most of my Nikon gear except for my 70-200 VR2. My last body was the D300, which I had for about 3 years. The proceeds I got from selling my D300, Sigma 10-20, Nikon 17-55 is around $2k-ish... which I plan to use for my current purchase dilemma. Im just an enthusiast and not earning anything from my photos... just your typical hobbyist who loves taking pics of family, holidays, etc.

Now... I've been thinking (and a lot of reading online) about this for almost a month now (since the release of D600)... and I still cant seem to decide on what road to take. After several years with the D300, Im feeling Im now wanting to go FX for that "FX magic" (e.g. DOF, etc). Though, the crop factor of DX is really great as I always shoot my kids' sports activities.

Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 24-70 f2.8; OR-

Nikon D600 + Nikkor 50 1.8G...50 1.8G for starters, given my funds available... but Im not sure when will I be able to gather funds again for a 24-70 glass (maybe a year or two

Appreciate your thoughts/comments/suggestion. Best regards.

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