OLY in future

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Re: OLY in future

My ff system costs less than an e-5 and few shg lenses and ultimately will produce better results because of the combination of good enough lenses AND bodies. It won't produce the best corner lens test charts though but if your beliefs of such tests are an integral part of photography than by all means stay where you're at and ignore all the other facts going against them.

I'm going outside on this rainy day to shoot with my old e-400. . .

Marathonianbull wrote:

The problem with CaNikon isn't the bodies, but the fact that decent lenses (i.e. which can match the Zuiko that I love, for instance the 50mm f/2 or 12-60mm) aren't cheap at all. But frankly, if I had several grands to spend like this then I would probably lean towards a proper Leica M setup...

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