I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: You believe what you believe, that's fine

Just for the record - I have the a55 with a first generation SLT-mirror.

  • The mirror reflect about 30 % light and transmit about 70 % light (measured in the laboratory, and the transmission is quite even over the entire spectrum).

  • The ghosting issue is minor - remember this is the good old a55 - and the ghosting is never seen in ordinary images (but I can provoke ghosting whenever I want simply by photographing quite bright point light sources - like bright stars - at a distance).

  • The image sharpness with and without the mirror - and remember that this is still about the old and inferior a55 - is for all practical purposes equal. Translucent mirror or not - I have no chance to spot which picture was taken with or without the translucent mirror when mixing and matching images after forgetting which were taken with and without!

This is my real life experience with the a55. Even with my old inferior a55 there is no sensible or logical reason why I should remove the translucent mirror. The translucent mirror is of course a god given gift to anyone who will argue over miniscule details that do never influence ordinary everyday life situations, so thanks a lot for that one Sony!

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