D7K plus 24-70, --OR-- D600 plus 50 1.8G

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Re: D7K plus 24-70 - easy one, IMO

Let's not forgot that on a D600 you can just flip it into DX mode and get a 1.5x crop - unless you need to do big prints and need more than 10 MP, I see this as a perfect win-win

Kerry Pierce wrote:

FloEvans wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

I firmly believe that good glass trumps a good body. If I were in your position, I'd have kept the 17-55 (unless you had enough to get a 24-70) and bought the d7000. By the time you have another $2k saved up, there will likely be the d600 replacement body available, which will be even better than the d600 and maybe the d800.

Normally I would agree, but the d300 > d600 jump is HUGE. He already has a 70-200, can't get much better there.

But.... We weren't talking about the d300 vs d600. We're talking about the d7k vs d600, where the jump isn't so huge, especially when he has no glass below the 70-200. Plus, he's losing the crop factor for the kids sports that he likes to shoot.

That's only my opinion, which he's free to take or leave as he wishes.


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