V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

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Re: Functional Obsolescence is never a good deal

quezra wrote:

wlad wrote:

please tell me, why would Nikon kill a product line, which contains one of the best selling CSC cameras ?

If something truly sells well, there is no earthly reason to go 50% below msrp on it. Look at the OMD and Nex 7 - that's what flagships are for, to fly your corporate flag. When you dump your flagship in the bargain bin before announcing a replacement, something must be up. I wouldn't buy a N1 for anything over a cheap P&S until the dust settles and there's some indication what the future of the system is.

we were talking about the whole product line - not just the V1.

The V1 was overpriced as hell - I would not pay for V1 more than $100-150 above the price of the J1. The J1 did sell very well. It was priced competitively at $550 for the 10-30mm kit. It was basically one of the cheapest usable mirrorless camera.
And it beat the cheapest MFT cameras in terms of image quality (DMC-GF2 etc).

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