I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: You believe what you believe, that's fine

Dirk W wrote:

You believe what you believe

I take that as an insult. I hold to no belief I know of. Whenever I find a belief I hold, I take it apart, examine it, learn what there is to know on the subject and discard my belief in favor of knowledge.

I say what I see.

Actually, you say what you believe you see. What you see is that there is noise. What you say is that the SLT inserts this noise by a magic process no-one understands.

Here is a link to someone who compared the pictures with the SLT to ones without.

That is an old link to a test performed under uncontrolled circumstances and with different focus points on the two compared photos.

Result: The SLT not only eats light, but also reduces detail.

Actually the result is that changing focus changes amount of detail captured. The test provides no useable data on what removing the SLT mirror leads to, other than showing the difference is at best negligible except at extreme pixel peeping levels.


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