New 5D MIII underexposing - what am I doing wrong

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Re: New 5D MIII underexposing - what am I doing wrong

Shoot an 18%G target, and see if it's actually metering incorrectly, or if you simply prefer the scenes that you're shooting to be a bit brighter.

I've never once seen a Canon body (or any body for that matter) exhibit the former.

expro wrote:

on evaluative my 5d3 underexposes by 2/3 stop so I compensate by leaving 2/3+ all the time.

However it is apparent to me that this is common problem stated on this website and not just the odd 5d3...

me think canon evaluative metering (which you have to use because of lock on focus point...) is steered this way to ensure 'better' iso test results.....

but then I may just have become a little cynical with canon this year....

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