First Time FF User - 5DM3 or D600?

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Re: For landscapes, the Nikon D600 is the better camera.

Press Correspondent wrote:

Specs are not equivalent at all. 5D3 has a vastly superior AF and LV, quiet electronic shutter, and a host of other different features.

What people forget is that the D600 has 'a host of other different features' which the 5DIII does not, such as:

  • Spot metering on the active AF point

  • Intervalometer

  • Virtual horizon with a usable display in the VF

  • clean HDMI out

  • quieter mechanical shutter

  • Auto ISO with EC in manual

  • Choice of raw compression options

  • TIF file output

  • Built in flash which functions a flash commander

  • AF at f/8

Whether the 5DIII AF is 'vastly superior' is a moot point - it is better specified, but with AF it is actual performance that matters, and we haven't much in the way of sensible comparisons yet. There are people arguing on this forum that the 6D 11 point AF is better than the 39 point D600. If that's true than the D600 can be better than the 5DIII.

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