Upgrade to K5 or buy a Tamron 70-200

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Re: Upgrade to K5 or buy a Tamron 70-200


Personally, I'd go with the K-5.

For low light shooting, you'd get at least a 3-4 stop advantage in high ISO headroom, maybe up to a full stop of AF sensor sensitivity, faster AF performance with a stronger in-camera motor and less micro hunting, better burst rate, full 100% VF with a pentaprism instead of pentamirror. Following action is also noticeably easier because of the considerably shorter VF blackout times during a burst.

I don't have a K200, but have a K10, and it's the same sensor and about the same generation of SAFOX (AF system). With the K10, I wouldn't think of shooting a consumer grade f4-5.6 zoom indoors anywhere near the long end since the AF would struggle if it worked at all, and shooting at my max ISO of 320-400 would produce shutter speeds that just weren't practical. With the K-5, I can shoot up to ISO 10,000 indoors and use my considerably smaller and lighter DA 18-250 f4.5-6.3 without too much AF trouble indoors at the long end. My Tokina 80-200 f2.8 AT-X Pro AF2 is rarely even considered anymore.

In most indoor sports venues, you're talking maybe Ev 8-9.

f2.8, ISO 100 = shutter speeds of 1/30-1/60.
f2.8, ISO 200 = shutter speeds of 1/60-1/125

f2.8, ISO 400 = you're more where you want to be at 1/125 - 1/250, but pretty much maxed out for noise with the K200 sensor IMO.

With the K-5, you can easily shoot at ISO 1600 (two stops which will make up for the lens speed difference --f2.8 to f5.6) with less noise, especially chroma noise, and the luminous noise is considerably less objectionable because the pixels are smaller.

You'd have at least another stop or two before noise levels get objectionable for most people, so you'd have that much more headroom. You'd also be able to shoot at 300mm at a full 16MP instead of cropping a 200mm shot from a 10MP sensor.

I think there's a strong case for the newer body. The K200 is a great camera -- the 10MP Sony CCD sensor is one of the best ever at base ISO in good light, but if you shoot a lot indoors, the K-5 is a revelation.


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