Zeiss 100mm f2 vs nikon 105mm Vr or/and others

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Re: Zeiss 100mm f2 vs nikon 105mm Vr or/and others

ron_9 wrote:

Now I don't really do macros, it's more of a walk around looking for tight shots of plants, abstracts, etc. so a 1:2 or 1:3 workks out fine.

For this application the CZ 100 is really excellent, and loads of fun to use. BUT you need to know that the focusing throw of this lens is really extremely short at medium distances (between infinity and 2m or so). That means that even a minuscule nudge on the ring will throw the focus plane around. At portrait distances, at wide apertures, focusing requires really a lot of care, and the current crop of viewfinders does not facilitate the exercise. As a paradox, I find it easier to use really close up, where the focusing throw is much longer. That constraint at medium distances can have positive zen-like soothing effects or be infuriating, depending on your own mood and sense of urgency.

The results are absolutely beautiful.

As others here, I am curious about the new 135. it does not do 1:2, but focuses very close nonetheless, perhaps enough for you. And the focusing throw promises to be much more manageable than the 100 mm at medium distances....

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