5DmarkIII underexposed by 2/3 stop

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Re: Add more sample image with spot measuring

This is how light meters work, we need to compensate to obtain the results we want. The camera cannot know that you are taking a picture of a snow man or of a black cat, it just measures for 18% gray (with some correction done by recognizing colors). I have never used a 5DII of a D700, but I bet they will have the same behavior with an all white scene as the one you posted. Even my Sekonic light meter, used in reflected light mode, will have the same behavior. As I said, 5DIII seems to preserve more highlights than previous cameras so, yes, in some cases it may "underexpose", but it is like this by design, it is not a fault. You just need to get used to that (as you would need to get used to other cameras that may tend to "overexpose") and compensate accordingly. In general, there is nothing wrong with the camera.


skyice wrote:

Thanks, i got your point that we can always compensate.

But my point is, why do i have to compensate up to 2/3 stop to get the correct exposure while the other camera like 5D mark II or D700 does not?

unless, 5DmarkII and D700 are having wrong exposure calculation compare to 5Dmark3.

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