I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: You believe what you believe, that's fine

Dirk W wrote:

You believe what you believe, I say what I see.

You "see" the mirror adding "some noise because of the material and/or effect on light physics"? Wow. I would have thought you'd inferred that (but for some reason seem very shy to make that inference more transparent - if you pardon the pun).

Here is a link to someone who compared the pictures with the SLT to ones without. Result: The SLT not only eats light, but also reduces detail.


The mirror doesn't eat light but it reflects it upward. As to the detail -

1. That is one test which I wish would have been performed under more controlled conditions with different lenses tested at different apertures.

2. But let's say we can conclude from the test that the 135/2.8 under the conditions of the test presented performs slightliy worse in terms of resolution wide open with the mirror in the light path - how does that add noise ?

3. Let's not forget: the A55 incorporates the 1st generation mirror. What about the 2nd generation mirror?

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