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Re: Yes, but ... Re: Actual status

the questions are posted in this forum (correctly ) as they are aimed at DX users who, for whatever reason ,may be thinking of changing their gear ,as FX is becoming more available ,the questions are all aimed at DX owners ,with the exception of (I own DX and FX etc.) and in that case I am sure owners of both formats will get to see ,and vote on the question .

FX only fans will amost certainly be disinterested , and apart from trying to coax us all to the "dark side) that is FX , would add little useful input to the set of questions .
from my point of view , D 3

Though I find it a little manipulative to wieght the questions wit hearsay and preferences .
for example :

"3. I am waiting for D400 only - it must have D300s body, D4/D800/D300s autofocus, high framerate, big buffer and today's best image quality. (Of course, the name is not importaint, but characteristics must be "D400".) "

Its very unlikely ,in fact pretty certain ,the body will differ from the D300 , and I would think be D800 like in appearance ,just a tad smaller .
the question should be more specific .

eg: "I want a DX d400 only, provided the improvements keep pace with current FX models"

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