Good Canon lens for kids sports photography

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Re: Good Canon lens for kids sports photography

Monviso View wrote:

Just back from another hockey tournament, and another lot of pics (hey, it's something to do whilst I'm there....). The "infinite" dof is a real problem, especially during a tournament when you have lots of teams playing in neighbouring fields. Any shot taken across the width of the field is spoilt by spectators AND different teams in the background - makes the picture very confusing and difficult to read.

Some kids play well and often have the ball, so and I get enough chances to get them against a cleanish backdrop. With others I only get one chance at most during the day, and if they're in front of a load of rubbish.....
2.8 REALLY would help.

Another thing here is that with the young 5 y/o kids ability level, they haven't yet figured out how to really pass the ball and thus all the kids on the field are usually right around the same area. This makes setting one or two kids apart as the subject of the photograph very difficult with a slow 5.6 lens. You have to shoot very tight, or be prepared to crop heavily, to isolate the kid with the ball. If you shoot tight, then you need to have much better tracking skills.

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