!.5 firmware makes hum louder

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Yes, image stabilization with "legacy" lenses

Actually, what the release says is:

"Use of the Image stabilizer function by setting the Focal length of an OM lens attached with an adapter was enabled even in Movie mode"

I suspect they mean "legacy lens" of any make, since there's no way for the camera to know whether it's OM, M, R, or whatever...

William Ing wrote:

Pardon me if I sound like I'm being obtuse about this, but I must ask for confirmation:

Does installation of v. 1.5 truly enable me to shoot WITH fully activated IBIS in movie mode while using ANY legacy lens that's mounted with an adapter?

From the wording of Olympus' statement about the upgrade benefits of v. 1.5, I interpreted it to mean the IBIS would kick in in video mode ONLY if one were shooting with an Olympus FT lens mounted with an adapter.

So does this mean I can shoot with IBIS in movie mode using my Canon FD and Tamron manual focus lenses? Can someone who has actually done a test confirm this?

Just sayin', I wouldn't bother to upgrade just for hum suppression, as the noise has never bothered me. But Oly's five-phase IBIS in video mode with any legacy lens is what all the videophiles have been clamoring for...

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