New Jersey Cop Caught on Video Threatening to Steal Teen's Camera

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Re: is this correct?

It's common for intentionally spitting on an emergency worker, or at least a police/correctional officer, to be a crime in its own right. No twisting needed.

Getting bodily fluids in one's eye, mouth, etc. from a person whose health status includes communicable disease or is unknown is a dangerous, or at least scary, experience.

But 10 years?? I wonder if there's more to this story unless the individual were charged, instead, with assault on a police officer - an offense that covers a lot of ground. Ten years may be justified in extreme cases of that crime and/or as a repeat offender but I doubt that a simple spit from a healthy person would lead to the maximum sentence.

Our sentencing polices are harsh compared to Europe but they're not as bad as it appears here.

CharlieDIY wrote:

Peter Berressem wrote:

Excerpt from the linked article:

"....he is still facing ten years in prison for allegedly spitting in the face of an Austin police officer...."

Is this the law in your country, 10 years for spitting at someone? Or is it just a typo?

It's certainly not a federal law, but that sort of incident could be twisted to an assault on a cop charge in any jurisdiction.

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