Manual WB D800 - "PRE" won't flash, can't open lens, how to turn off AF light

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Re: Manual WB D800 - "PRE" won't flash, can't open lens, how to turn off AF

billorg wrote:

Following the user guide that says to hold down the WB button after selecting PRE and a WB memory position and it will start to flash, but the word never flashes. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I am using an AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm 2.8 lens (brand new) but even in manual mode, it won't allow me to choose 2.8 - only f3. I re-seated the lens a few times and it worked briefly, then stopped again - only f3.

Lastly, can I turn off the AF light that fires in darker situations?

I am new to Nikon, so thank you for any help you can give, Bill

Just a little more explanation regarding the f/stop setting that "Nikon" is showing you in the view finder - f/stop is a relationship between the diameter of the lens at shooting conditions and the focal length of the lens WHEN THE LENS IS FOCUSED AT INFINITY (or at least at a distant object). That formula fails to hold true as the camera is focused at something very close, as in macro photography, in which case the calculated f/stop number increases.

When you see f/3 (or higher) indicated for your f/2.8 lens, the lens is still wide open, nothing has changed mechanically, but because you have changed the optical conditions under which f/value operates (less light is reaching the sensor than would happen with the lens focused further away), the camera is simply showing you the effective f/value that you have forced to occur.

For instance, when creating a 1:1 size image (image is the same size on the sensor as it exists) 4 times as much exposure (2 f/stop correction) must be applied to properly expose. In the "old days" we used to just open up the lens 2 extra stops, or use 2 stops less shutter speed. Or a modern camera, just says, "This f/2.8 lens is acting like a f/5.6 lens" and expose accordingly.


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