Sony 55-300 Comparison

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Re: More photos...


After seeing those great pictures of your children, I think I understand better what you are looking for in a zoom lens. It would seem that the Sony would certainly be handier for that kind of thing than the heavier Tamron. On the other hand, fast focus has great value in those situations. You have some interesting tests to run and decisions to make. I'd have to think you will find some value in the short end of the Sony at 55mm.

I've been using my Sigma 18-250 with the lens IS off to see how I would enjoy shooting at 300mm without lens stabilization. I wish I could say I had adapted to the non lens IS, but I haven't. Results with lens IS and Steady Shot are the same, of course, but the lens IS makes using the cameras more enjoyable for me. I sort of wish I'd never tried a stabilized lens as it's really reduced my lens options.

Your tests of the Tamron/Sony for practical shooting are going to be very interesting to several of us. I hope you're enjoying the process.


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