Is there a way to reset 60D

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Re: Is there a way to reset 60D

eawhitcomb wrote:

I was finally able to get those really cool Canon picture styles loaded onto my 60D (what a disaster -- the pictures are all over saturated and just awful). After loading them I've noticed some very strange things going on with my camera.... the most annoying is that now when I take a picture holding the camera vertically the picture I've just taken doesn't show up in the LCD. If I take a picture and quickly turn the camera horizontally it shows up just fine.

I'd like to just get rid of the picture styles and get my camera working the way it should -- is there a reset something somewhere? I haven't tried just deleting the picture styles yet (I'm assuming I can do that through the EOS Utility) but my fear is that just deleting them off the camera isn't going to help me.

Thanks for any insight you can offer!

Regarding the highlighted part, have you tried removing your polarized sunglasses?

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