5DmarkIII underexposed by 2/3 stop

Started Oct 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Alberto76 Contributing Member • Posts: 752
Re: Add more sample image with spot measuring

Here you have white in all parts of the subject: an underexposure with this kind of scenes is pretty normal with any camera! As you may already know, reflected-light meters evaluate the exposure by considering the scene as if it was 18% gray. If you meter something brighter (like you have done), the camera will make it look like 18% green. In modern cameras, like the 5DIII, the camera is partly able to recognize these situations and, thus, it can compensate accordingly, but just to some extent.


skyice wrote:

I upload 2 more image. the images are taken under neon light condition so, it look a bit yellowish.

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