Offered D800 for D600.

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Re: Offered D800 for D600.

In favor of the D800, don't forget:

  • body construction and feel

  • 1button 100% zoom

  • AF-ON button

  • Dedicated buttons for WB, ISO, Bracketing and Quality instead of having them shared with playback buttons (which means that on the D600 and on the D7000, when you're in playback mode, you can't directly change ISO. You have to go back into shooting mode before you can change it (half press on the shutter)). Small detail but adds to the convenience of use once you know the advantage of the D700/D800

  • OK button

  • Probably better AF

In favor of the D600:

  • you save 200£ that you can use for something else

  • lighter and smaller (important maybe for travelling and hiking)

  • better battery life from what I've read

  • 24 MP is good enough and will need less time to process

  • faster FPS at 5.5 vs 4

ianbrown wrote:

I have a large number of oil spots on my D600 sensor and the retailer has not got any D600's in stock to exchange. So I they have offered me a D800 at a discount that means I would need to pay £200 to change.

Now I am tempted but not sure I will get much more for my needs, if I am honest it's tempting me but I don't think I will really benefit from the extra features.

Is my assumption of the differences correct?

D800 benefits over D600

Extra MP but will only see the difference if cropping or printing over A2?
Better access to some user functions (top left dial)
More focus points ( unsure the real benefit)?
True vertical horizon in viewfinder
Adjust apeture in live view?

My benefits over D800

2xSD slots for easy use on iMac

24 megapixel will produce sharper images with less need for critical shutter speed etc.
Lighter and smaller, but not by much

I am not sure that £200 difference is a bargain in the UK?


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