Struggling to get any detail with my D600 (img)

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Re: First thing you dont do is strip exif data off image

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

Daniel Clune wrote:

Oh ok if you use flicker then i guess your stuck. Then I would post all exif data in your question. Not trying to be nasty,, tone of voice on forum is hard to tell. Trying to just make it easier for you to get your question answered as easy as possible.

NeilJones wrote:

Daniel Clune wrote:

You ask a question and then post an image were the exif data has been stripped. Now we can see the camera settings used. Not a good start. Just thought I would mention this so next time keep exif data you wont get questions like what fstop or what shutter speed or what lens and so forth.

I didn't strip it. Flickr probably does.

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Shoot like it's your last day..

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Flickr doesnt do this (Why would flickr have a button that says view exif info!). He's stripped it out, somehow.

it's a user choice w flickr, either show or hide exif

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Exactly so my point stays that he has either stripped it out intensionally or unintensionally. It keeps the EXIF detail but you can choose to hide or show it. TO be honest I have no idea why people get so precious over that data. As if hiding it will stop people copying their photograph. LOL

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