First Time FF User - 5DM3 or D600?

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Re: For landscapes, the Nikon D600 is the better camera.

MichaelIsGreat4 wrote:

You say:
"I mostly shoot people and landscapes."

Then, the Nikon D600 is the right choice for you because of its dynamic range that is the same than for the Nikon D800. And dynamic range matters especially for landscapes and even for when you shoot people.

Landscape, absolutely. People ? I'd say there are more important things for that than two extra stops of DR.

Now, the Canon 5D Mark III is an excellent camera. But the specification of the Nikon D600 is equivalent to the specification of the Canon 5D Mark III but the Nikon D600 costs $1,400 less than the Canon 5D Mark III! You can use the difference to buy lenses.

Their specifications may be close, the actual use is different. When shooting people, especially fast-paced situations like weddings / events / street photography etc., I'm ready to argue that ergonomics / handling / user interface / specific functions are more important than what you just read on spec sheets. That's why it's in the OP's interest to handle them quite extensively before choosing. He might prefer the 5DIII or the D600 depending on small, tiny details that make a world of difference in actual use.

More, the sensor on the Nikon D600 is currently of the same quality than the sensor used in the Nikon D800 with very high dynamic range. On the other hand, the sensor used in the Canon 5D Mark III is the same old technology used on the Canon 5D Mark II and it is much inferior to the sensor used in the Nikon D600. That makes a lot of difference when you shoot landscapes and people.

Again, it's always nice to have, but for people photography, it shouldn't overshadow other things.

The only advantage that the Canon 5D Mark III has over the Nikon D600 is that its build quality is stronger but it was a design choice for the Nikon D600 to build it the way it is so that it is lighter and smaller than a normal full frame camera. But both are fully sealed for moist and dust at the same level.

It's got many more advantages over the D600, in the same way the D600's advantages are more numerous than just its sensor and its price.

So, you have an honest assessment of the situation. But either camera is excellent in many ways but there are differences that I have highlighted.

An incomplete assessment of the situation I'd say.

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