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Yes but after I have to power the camera, I mean if the sensor was already damaged, for example I read somewhere of someone inserted the battery in a wrong way (don't remember well, maybe the case of the battery was damaged) and damaged the camera as well as can happen that some active component can damage itself for many reasons and cause short circuit.

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If I don't forget nothing there are 6 possibilities of short circuit for some reason that I can't know, connected the sensor to a board could mean over burn it and this is only about power supply, I have never studied sensor circuitry since now so I really don't know if there can be some other fault that can burn my only dear board

You obviously need to detach sensor and board from the camera and "usually" it is a good idea not to have battery in camera as well ;). So what is there to short circuit if there is no power? It does not have any powerful capacitors (its not a flash) so the only charge that can damage it is static one. But handling any circuitry you should be grounded and take some antistatic measures anyway. The Kodak sensor spec/manual also states that it is not as susceptible to damage from static as say CCD.

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