5D + 40mm 2.8 instead of the Sony RX1

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5D + 40mm 2.8 instead of the Sony RX1

Dear Canon Forum .....

First off, not to troll but a serious 5D Classic question.

The used market seems to be making these pretty reasonable now, in fact, about the cheapest way to get into full frame.

I'm thinking of a 5D classic as a street shooter, and as a replacement for my studio camera as my shooting time has become limited.

I do a bit of street shooting, and have used a Nikon D300/Epson RD-1/Panasonic G3/Oly RD-1, and each has their advantages and disadvantages. I have choosen the OMD for the moment with either the 25mm leica, or the 45mm oly.

So, in the setting of street shooting, mainly trying to capture that decisive moment, most likely with a black and white conversion on the back end, what would you see as the advantage of the 5D with the new 40mm lens?

It seems that the new Sony might work well in this setting, but it's expensive.

The other place I would use the camera is the studio. I mainly shoot fine at figure under some natural light, but mainly with strobes, and very occasionally with hot lights. I sold off the Mamiya/Phase I because I just don't have enough shooting time. The D300 + DX lenses went as they were not getting used due to the OM-D. High ISO does not matter at all, Dynamic range and tonality are key for this type of shooting. Any comments on how the 5D will do with real world 8X10 prints in this situation. I will add that DOF control is an important consideration in some of my shots, and this is one place I find the OM-D lacking, and the D300 was good with a manual focus 1.2 lens. I see the dual use of the 5D classic as a big advantage over the RX1

Please .... No brand bashing .... Yeah, I know about a D600, and a 6D, but my photographic needs and budget just don't justify the 2K right now.


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